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Mini-Moby Necklace

Mini-Moby Necklace

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This mini fine silver whale pendant measures .75" wide by .25" in height, featured on a 16" or 18" sterling silver curb bead chain (sterling silver bead every 1/2 inch). Whale pendant is handcrafted from recycled silver: precious metal clay. Each piece is an original and may vary slightly in detail.

The ACK 4170™ jewelry line is packaged in a navy & white box with a red ribbon and our logo seal.


About Fine Silver:
Fine silver (.999) is more pure, and therefore more valuable, than sterling silver (.925) which contains other metals, typically copper. Fine silver does not tarnish as easily as sterling silver and will often take on a whitish appearance when tarnished. To clean this piece and all others simply wipe with a silver cloth.